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Natatakot ako

Natatakot ako. Hindi sa umaalingawngaw na putok ng mga baril O sa mga bombang nakatanim Kundi sa mga salitang hindi pinag-isipan Sa bawat utos at galaw na ‘di tinimbang Natatakot ako. Hindi sa pagbibilang ng mga namatay O mga nasugata’t nakaratay Kundi sa sakit ng latigong sa puso ko’y lumalatay Sa tuwing makaririnig ng hiyaw… Continue reading Natatakot ako

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One of the hottest news that has struck the nation, gained flames of questions, signified the ambiguity of labor policies and served as a clear representation of the ongoing turmoil in the lives of Filipino workers ‒ the Kentex fire tragedy. Right after the Fire Prevention Month which is due every March, a 7-hour factory… Continue reading KENTEX FIRE TRAGEDY: UNRAVELING LABOR CONFLICTS

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Toughest Job 2016

  Like summer and El Niño, the elections this coming May also yields blaze among the candidates. The highest position of this country should be eligible in blending the thin line between responsibilities and qualities as issues around the corner look for definite solutions like our compatriots do and have been longing for. Five presidentiables,… Continue reading Toughest Job 2016

Editorial, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Why PUP grads are employers’ top pick?

Cheap labor? No, call it “competence and more”

Why PUP grads are employers’ top pick? Jumbled reactions arise after Jobstreet.com release the results of their Fresh Graduates Survey saying the state-run university raised five notches to top this year’s survey. Looking at the comment sections of social media, students and alumni from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) stood proud of their… Continue reading Cheap labor? No, call it “competence and more”