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Bahala na

Sabi mo, mahal mo Pero parang hindi naman. Sabi mo, pahahalagahan Pero binabalewala naman. Hindi ko na alam kung saan ako lulugar Kasi alam kong d'yan sa puso mo, Wala na akong puwang. 'Di ko alam kung saan ako tatayo Habang ika'y lumalakad palayo. Tititigan ko ba ang likod mo Habang umaasang lilingon ka pa?… Continue reading Bahala na

Poetry about Love


We are strangers under a magical spell We’re enchanted enough to see each other in our own dreams We’ve connected the constellations without hesitation We collapsed and crumbled to be born as one   Our smiles create radiance that shines through Our eyes glitter like stars in the sky Our secrets are turned into told… Continue reading Evergreen

kentex fire tragedy, Labor conflict, labor day, term paper about labor conflict


One of the hottest news that has struck the nation, gained flames of questions, signified the ambiguity of labor policies and served as a clear representation of the ongoing turmoil in the lives of Filipino workers ‒ the Kentex fire tragedy. Right after the Fire Prevention Month which is due every March, a 7-hour factory… Continue reading KENTEX FIRE TRAGEDY: UNRAVELING LABOR CONFLICTS