Poetry about Love


By Veronica Joy M. Polidario

There in my silent empty room,

Playful memories start to bloom,

You hugged me tight and hold my hand,

Our feelings seem to have no end.

There came inside my cold and lifeless room,

Your image and those melting brown eyes,

You treated me never as cold as ice,

The consoling embrace gives rest feels nice.

Situated right in this murky place,

Colors you brought made me amazed,

Before its hue is black and white,

You happened, now it’s bright even night.

In this dark and raucous box,

Where only helpless like me can lay,

Arrived that sunshine; a light come its way,

I dare to touch its flare and play.

As you take my heart from within,

Gleam you brought starts to dim,

To forsake me yes you truly beseemed,

In this room you’re just a nightmare dreamed.



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