Poetry about Love


It’s a sunny afternoon in exile,

When I first saw your gorgeous smile,

My eyes response a twinkling glee,

My heart seems to jump and flee.



I remember the times you looked at me,

Captured the moments while we’re happy,

That was the day my heart walks into you,

Oh, baby, it’s love, I know it’s true.



I’ve never cogitated it’ll be this hard,

To fall for you breaks my heart,

Thought you’ll stay by my side,

But you walked away by surprise.



How can I collide with a jolt?

How come I’m hurt by a jerk?

This feeling I had is the worst on earth,

I wished to throw it just like a dirt.



Things changed, years had passed,

I have no time to recall the past,

How rude you fate, I saw him again!

Ignoramus! This heart goes insane!



Oh no, Cupid! This can’t be true!

I will no longer be arrowed by you!

At this moment, I have wanted to die,

But before I knew it, I’m already tied.



Restrained from freedom of action or choice,

Locked from a box of hidden joys,

Why does the heart superior over brain?

I hate it, but this love’s pouring like rain.



As hard as the questions in the test,

With a lightning, I’ve said a YES!

It’s really true that love is forgiveness,

With just one snap, I regain happiness.



Willing to take the risk of getting hurt,

Agrees to the challenge and fall again,

Wished all those pain may have its worth,

I knew it’s love, I am absurd.



1 thought on ““EMOUVOIR””

  1. Woah, thanks for the likes! I almost jumped when I saw 4 likes on this one. I mean… as a first time blogger, I am happy you appreciated it! 🙂


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