Feature Article about Math, Math is Forever

Forever says: Why do we have to love Math?

I hate Math, do you? Actually, I can’t probably think of what to write in this article, maybe because I need to or I have to? But the main point here was that, I am able to put the pieces up and start doing this feature story that I wish you might want to enjoy reading. As a matter of  fact, I am one of those kids who describe and considered Math as a Horrible Monster. Well, I don’t actually suck at this subject, but it’s just that, I love words more than numbers or numbers with words such as Algebra, Calculus, blah… blah… blah…

If you are one of those people who can’t understand why do we have to study Mathematics in a much complicated way, then, you are way too near to love this one.

I must admit that Mathematics is really important in our daily lives. Simply because, we are growing in a fast-changing society and technology has to do something about our lives. That’s why; I’ve researched some articles that will help us understand why we have to cope up with this S.O.S.

Here are some examples of situations to prove you that even we, the Math Haters have to love Math no matter what. The following can be seen on www.mathworksheetscenter.com:

  1. Let’s take for instance time, in today’s society one cannot survive without a watch. Just make an experiment and see how many times a day you use your watch. From getting up in the morning to going from one place to another, and going to bed at night, time is as essential as breathing to us. We are creatures of habit, planning every minute of our lives.

Driving from one city to another requires some basic skill in math. How else will you know the distance, how long it will take you to get there, or even be able to read the road signs? Planning your time has become a dependent way of life.

  1. At some point in your life math will become boring, difficult and irrelevant, and you might think that this is not for you, but do you realize the severity of existing without math. Math will make you smarter and put you ahead of the pack, so that you might just be able to get your dream job. Basically every good position in the business world requires some form of math.
  2. Without math you won’t be able to do science, nursing, engineering, become a doctor or even get a business degree. Our very livelihood is dependent on our ability to calculate, subtract or multiply. You could skip math but then you would just have to be satisfied with working at the local diner. Serving soft drinks and washing floors, and even then, you need some math skills.
  3. Doing every kind of sport requires a basic skill of knowing distance and calculating. In all of these you need to know math to understand strategy and planning your next move. Without math you won’t be able to succeed in doing sports, and if you desire to excel in this area, you have to be smart. Gone are the days when it was the lazy ones that did sports. Today if you want to receive a sports scholarship you need to be smart. Sports have become a very competitive arena and only the fittest and the smartest will survive.
  4. What about the world of gigs, hard drives, codes and data. Everything is dependent upon fast, easy and quick information. Every business has a computer and someone that knows how to work on it. Even a secretary needs some basic math skills. It’s essential to her very livelihood.

So, why is math important in your life? We live in a fast growing sector of information and without math you won’t be able to keep up. Don’t lose your momentum, but be the wolf ahead of the pack. Leading them, and not following them. Be the trendsetter by becoming the best you can be. Use your mind to your advantage!

“Math is the one skill you need to master in your life, even if it is the only one, you will at least be able to live without being cheated, robbed or abused. You see, without math we just cannot live or survive. We need math in our everyday lives. Just doing the basic essentials is dependent on your ability to do math.”

Now you understand. I hope you do, because I, for this instance, will let Mathematics know that I am kind of getting started to appreciate it at its finest. Math and the word FOREVER have great similarities. At this point of time, I have realized why some people LOVE MATH.

I wished to go on too. Like… Forever.


Source: www.mathworksheetscenter.com


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