Poetry about Love

She’s Fine

You missed her but she’s alright now.

You can’t even say “Hi.”

But you still type it, so you feel anxious.

You were nervous as always

You never seemed like chillin’,

All the thoughts you have,

It’s reserved for her.

Your heart never beats slow.

It’s always fast when it comes to her.

You don’t look fine while waiting.

Your feet got scathed for walking back and forth.

This is like your first time.

Now you came back to your senses,

Hours had passed but you don’t receive any,

Days walk by as you bleed.

Then years and more,

Your heart got broken for waiting.

You got no message or reply.

You never heard from her.

The feeling remained but it’s never the same.

Your heartbeat is now slower.

It had fallen and hurt infinitely.

You said. “Hi.”

But damn, she’s okay now!

She never loved you.

She doesn’t know your name.

She forgot all about you.

You were never important to her.

Because she’s with him,

And she’s fine.


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