Poetry about Love


By Veronica Joy Polidario


Sending back those helpless days,

When I saw your eyes in the very first time,

I fell with glee as I watched you smile,

I let my eyes darken for I don’t want to mortify.


I longed to perceive you dancing,

Wished to hold you and sway with thy music,

How does it sense to hop with you?

What it’s like to have it owing too?


Am I going in high spirits when I cuddle you in my arms?

I’ve concealed from love and scared to feel fondness,

Soaring for your heart may become so intricate,

But to cover my stance can craft me to depart this life.


Oh, life I yearn for your goodness,

I came to think your lips would taste luscious,

Feel it ‘til dawn could send me a bliss,

I hanker, for your body harmoniously shivers.


My spirit as powerful as you discerned,

Can behold what this mind dictates,

Aiming for desire will not be so hard,

‘Cause I knew you’re weak and I can take you down.


I’m hooked and rambunctious; what to do?

A part down here can’t take any longer,

It throbs faster as the wind did,

I’ll daunt to death if you’ll know it.


I hoped one day that you’ll forget about me,

And assumed this nightmare will not come true,

‘Cause I hate myself for having this dream with you,

Now all I can do is regret loving you.


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