Hue, Poetry about Love


You said you loved her first.
But the truth is in her eyes,
It’s looking up to your heart saying,
“I already love you the day when I was just a shadow at your back.”
That was the time you treat her like air.
An air you can’t see, but a wind you gave purpose to;
Because your existence make her breathe.
Behind those smiles, she hopes;
And the moment you let her in your life,
Storms and strong winds stopped,
She became your rainbow.
A rainbow that gives color to your eyes.
She loves the way your eyes stare at her.
A galaxy within a small precious facade located at your window.
The warmth you give makes her weak and strong.
You make all the beating worthwhile,
As all these, she begged you to stay by her side.
You said, you ‘loved’ her first; past tense.
And she ‘loves’ you still,
Can you give her back the hues that turned black now?


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