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Toughest Job 2016


Like summer and El Niño, the elections this coming May also yields blaze among the candidates. The highest position of this country should be eligible in blending the thin line between responsibilities and qualities as issues around the corner look for definite solutions like our compatriots do and have been longing for.

Five presidentiables, one aim: to win the throne and haul up all the colossal responsibilities on his or her shoulders‒ a tough but prestigious job.

Just to give an idea of what a president’s functions are, let’s presume if these candidates have the guts to uphold and step forward for the country with fire in their eyes.

Article VII, Section 1, of the 1987 Constitution vests executive power in the President of the Philippines. The President is the Head of State and Head of Government, and functions as the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. As chief executive, the President exercises control over all the executive departments, bureaus, and offices.

Alongside the constitution, the powers of the President of the Philippines are specifically outlined in Executive Order No. 292, s. 1987, otherwise known as the Administrative Code of 1987. The following powers are:

The power of control over the executive branch- this includes restructuring, reconfiguring, and appointments of their respective officials. Power ordinance power- the President of the Philippines has the power to give executive issuances, which are means to streamline the policy and programs of an administration: executive orders, administrative orders, proclamations, memorandum orders, circulars, and general or special orders.

Also included in the functions of the President are power over aliens, of eminent domain, escheat, land reservation and recovery of ill-gotten wealth, appointment, general supervision over local governments, and other powers given by law.

The qualifications for an individual aspiring to become the President of the Philippines are outlined in Article VII, Section 2 of the 1987 Constitution.

According to the constitution, an individual may become President provided he meets the following criteria:

  1. natural born Filipino;
  2. a registered voter;
  3. must be able to read and write;
  4. 40 years of age at the day of the election; and
  5. must have resided in the Philippines ten years before the election is held.

More than the aforementioned qualifications, there are qualities which the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines must possess. These qualities lie between their hearts, minds, and souls. Voters should look at the candidate’s worth and capacity to determine who really is capable of reigning.

Who fits the position? Is it the one who proposes “gobyernong may puso”? A man who said he knows how to be poor (laki sa hirap)? Should it be the one who will continue the “daang matuwid” advocacy? A dauntless mayor who wants zero criminality? Or the one who possesses tiger qualities and academic excellence?

But here is the toughest question: who among them commits no flaws? None. As our favorite saying goes ‘nobody is perfect,’ to whom are you going to entrust the lives of over 100 million people with diverse cultures? To whom should the people bestow the crown?

For an instance, the Filipino people should think, think, and think. Not by just looking at their frowns or smiles, more than everything else, people must look at themselves first. Sense how beautiful things will come to a country if they, themselves seize what it takes to be wise voters and good followers.





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    1. Thanks, sir! Your comment is surely appreciated. If you’ve read my works from last year, clearly those were just ‘small pieces of emotions’ through poetry (kind of stuff which I wanted to express as an aspiring poet haha). This year, I am rooting more on writing opinions, etc. Anyway, thanks for noticing how my style has improved. 🙂


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