Poetry about Love


It's a sunny afternoon in exile, When I first saw your gorgeous smile, My eyes response a twinkling glee, My heart seems to jump and flee.     I remember the times you looked at me, Captured the moments while we're happy, That was the day my heart walks into you, Oh, baby, it's love,… Continue reading “EMOUVOIR”

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“Walang Rape sa Bontoc” or Bontoc is a Rape less Society (Documentary Review)

“Walang Rape sa Bontoc” is one of the most powerful and moving documentaries that I have watched. It discusses varieties of clear evidence which pertain to their main project or issue. It illustrated the highlights behind the true reasons and problems in the said topic. First, the screenplay and cinematography were really good because it… Continue reading “Walang Rape sa Bontoc” or Bontoc is a Rape less Society (Documentary Review)

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All about that ‘V’

All about that 'V' "We can get it up in any position. Our shorts are tighter than our game. We can handle a little floor burn every now and then. We're always gonna hit it hard. We'll play with you indoors or outdoors. Balls never hit the floor and we'll get a touch on all… Continue reading All about that ‘V’

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The Heart Terrorist

Marked by her dictating sound of heels, in combination of a clever-looking eyeglasses and dressed with a keen uniform... guess who would have cleared the path way? In an instant, silence dominated as she passes by the noisy rooms, chairs automatically arranged, and just by her innocent but sharp looks, the zigzag transformed into a… Continue reading The Heart Terrorist